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21st Century Skills for Managing Professionals in All Industries

Puthucode N Rajamani, President, Rajmani Group LLC, Milltown, NJ, USA

Keywords: Soft-Skills, Communication, Cross-Cultural Effectiveness

Industry: All

Level: Intermediate


This presentation will address the 21st Century Sills for managing professionals in all industries. Listed below are the 3 key areas covered during this presentation:

1. Examine 24 soft skills for improved dialogue and communication with your colleagues and customers.

2. Build cross-cultural effectiveness to understand knowledge and awareness.

3. Review guidelines for communication and overcoming related barriers.

Communication, after all, is the tool you use every day to build your closest relationships, and experts (as well as common sense) tell us that the right words, spoken in the right way, can work wonders on even the testiest interactions.

The problem? Most of us think we re good communicators, but research shows we re surprisingly unskilled at it.

According to ground-breaking work in the field of neuroscience, however, it s easy to retrain ourselves to speak and listen in a way that stimulates sympathy and trust in the other person s brain in a matter of seconds.

I hope the soft-skills identified here helps towards a better dialogue and communication with a friend, a spouse or a colleague at work.