A Multi-National Organization's Transition to ISO 9001:2015

William Kovacich, Quality Engineer, Caterpillar Inc., Columbia, SC, USA

Keywords: ISO 9001:2015 transition, improvement, multi-national

Industry: Manufacturing

Level: Basic


As a large, multi-site, multi-national enterprise with a wide variety of products and services, Caterpillar Inc. faces notable challenges when implementing the necessary changes to its global quality management system to align with ISO 9001:2015. Language, culture, and even time zone differences must all be acknowledged and overcome to affect meaningful change within the organization. Because the quality management system used throughout Caterpillar applies to captive sites as well as sites interfacing with dealers and end users, business models vary among sites, and these differences must also be considered. And the wide spectrum of customers, statutory and regulatory requirements, and applications further complicates the effort to standardize quality management system development and deployment.

This presentation discusses how Caterpillar is dealing with these challenges to deploy a world-class quality management system across more than 80 and counting sites on 5 continents. It starts with the plan, how challenges were identified and dealt with, how updates were communicated, and the work that is left to do.

Attendees will learn how Caterpillar Inc. adopted the new format and requirements of ISO 9001:2015, embedded them into its enterprise-wide Caterpillar Quality Management System, and then deployed the updated system to its multi-national manufacturing base. Participants in the discussion may benefit from lessons learned at Caterpillar to apply to their own large organizations that are undergoing the transition.