Nada Abandah


With passion to help organizations transform their potential into real performance, Ms. Abandah uses her 20+ experience consulting and practical experience to enable real and rapid change in organizations across various industries. With solid background in Organizational Maturity and Development, Strategy Implementation, PMO & Portfolio Management, Nada walks with her clients hand in hand in creating a difference in bottom lines and address real pains rather than provide a document with pretty graphs and endless text. She has managed high profile initiatives in private and public sectors, consulted for Fortune 500 companies, and owns her little boutique consulting firm based in Middle East - refuses to call herself an entrepreneur. Nada is considered a pillar in the region for matters concerning Organizational Maturity, OPM3, PMOs and Portfolio Management.

She holds a BA in Marketing/Computer Science from the University of Jordan, an MBA degree from New York Institute of Technology, in addition to other related certifications, Nada is also among elite of only 80 professionals world-wide who are OPM3 certified consultants.

She is currently working on her PhD in Organizational Psychology, marrying two of her favorite subjects and areas of expertise, the corporate culture and the human psyche.

In addition to her work as a consultant and instructor in areas above, Nada is heavily involved in voluntary work to enhance the Project Management Profession World Wide; She is especially involved with PMI as a volunteer. She is also a published author of a number of articles and papers on Project Management, Organizational Maturity, and Team Building.

If she's not in the office trying to come up with ground breaking ideas to turnaround the business of one of her clients, you can probably find her climbing a mountain or hiking somewhere.