Aligning Goals, People, and Systems for Sustainable Success

Korey Zawadzki, Paul, Partner, Competitive Solutions, Inc., Alpharetta, GA, USA

Keywords: Learn to drive business objectives, Learn to establish expectations & auditing, Learn to execute an action plan

Industry: Manufacturing

Level: Advanced


This concise and practical presentation will guide attendees on how to apply GPS-based methods to mobilize operations while incorporating destination-focused initiatives. The presenter will explain why the companies who merit the descriptor high-performing devote such enormous energy toward three vital components: goals, people and systems. And while the world s most profitable corporations all share a clearly-defined vision and mission, what s often missing is a direct link between tactical operational goals and strategic direction. Attendees of this presentation will learn to incorporate measurable goals into their company s daily regimen. Plus, they will have the management tools to maintain teams that are engaged, focused, accountable - and poised to drive results.

Attendees will discover everything from how to define corporate direction and design for leadership parameters, to the smartest ways to create and maintain workplace behavioral expectations. Additionally, the presenter offers critical insight on hot-button topics like cultural and generational diversity, communication styles, and listening processes among employees. This is an essential presentation for executives who want to gain market share and achieve dynamic success in today s marketplace.