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Norma Antunano

Staff, IT Business Partner Analyst, AMD University, Austin, TX, USA

Norma has worked for variety of organizations including Medtronic, Honeywell-Allied Signal, Broadcom, Hewlett Packard, Baker Hughes including for non-profits, in Product Quality Engineering and Auditing, Global Services, Supply Chain transformations, Strategic Partner management, IT business Strategy, Program & Portfolio. She works for AMD enabling the Quality System platform supporting business and operations, and leading change. Norma holds Masters in Engineering Sciences and in Business Administration, and PhD in Engineering Philosophy. Norma is ASQ Fellow, Master Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and is ASQ certified as Reliability and Software Quality Engineer, SAFe 5.0 Advanced Scrum Master and Software Product Manager Certified.

Norma participated in IEEE Software Defined Networks, and Cloud Federation IEEE-NIST standards development, and in IEEE-USA Committee focused on driving legislation for Communication Access & Privacy Policy. Norma has facilitated education including Statistics for Business Research, Program Evaluation and Social Sciences for more than 1000 students at credited universities. She has served as National Performance Excellence Award examiner for over 5 years leading examination of Knowledge Management, Information and Information Technology and Operations Focus categories for variety of organizations including the Federal Reserve Bank, and Healthcare organizations.

Norma has authored content for IEEE, ASQ, and for Applied Human Factors Ergonomics (AHFE) published by Springer (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing section). She has been invited to consult on IoT, data science applications, has been technical reviewer recent ASQ Worldwide conferences, and delivered presentations at Agile Austin, ASQ, and Worldwide


Digitalization Path through Collaboration

Organizations have no choice but to evolve under the rapid social and technology changes for sustainability and for their leadership advancement.

As members of an organization committed to Quality we should regularly reflect on our personal and professional life, what nurtures growth and the evolution from personal levels to communities and to organizations. Based on behavioral and scientific studies new experiences and ongoing learning enrich life, nurturing the growth and advancement to new individual and organizational levels. Regardless of the organization’s characteristics, there are opportunities to continuously explore in one or multiple dimensions.

These opportunities may mean addressing the need of adapting to change, being opened to try new methods or disciplines, and being willing to move beyond the comfort zone while living our values as we face new experiences. This is also how we can nurture our values, and how we demonstrate our commitment to Excellence. To drive innovation addressing challenges and opportunities, collaboration in more diverse environments is pivotal value.

Nowadays, a typical quality professional interacts with more than their own Team(s); interactions may be with members at other hierarchical levels, and with members from different disciplines and perspectives including cultural backgrounds. Tailoring communication for diversity is a must these days.

This presentation shares helpful examples and guidelines to support quality professionals needing to interact with teams building technology products and services in culturally diverse environments. As our business and processes become more technology dependent, our collaboration with multi diverse groups building product and services is critical.


Government Organizations


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