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Assuring the Integrity of the Third-Party Certification Process

Sheronda Jeffries, Strategic Relationship Lead, QuEST Forum, Durham, NC, USA

Keywords: ISO, Certification, IAF

Industry: All

Level: Basic


To improve the oversight and effectiveness of the third party certification process, a new program for the assessment of Accreditation Bodies and Certification Bodies, called the Third Party Effectiveness Verification Program or 3P-EVP was developed. The program is the result of a 3-year effort by QuEST Forum called the Validation Audit Project to collect objective information for evaluation due to feedback that some certified organizations in the telecom or ICT supply chain did not perform as expected. 

The Third Party Effectiveness Verification Program or 3P-EVP became effective January 2016. Come see what the data shows and learn more about the program that was created to confirm that the 3rd-party assessment process is consistently implemented and effective.