Audits: What to Ask, and When to Ask Them?

Presenter: Marc Vogin, Fellow Quality Engineer, Siemens Energy, Inc., Orlando, FL, USA

Keywords: Audits, Follow-Up, Key Performance Indicators

Industry: Energy, Service

Level: Intermediate


When conducting an audit, there are several things that are done on a regular basis. This includes preparing the audit specific questionnaire or checklist, determining the Auditees, setting up the schedule (opening meeting, interview times, closeout meeting, etc.), and writing the audit report. This applies to both Internal Audits as well as Vendor Audits. It’s typical that once the audit is closed out (responses received to the findings, and implementation is verified), it’s forgotten until the next time that specific audit is performed. But what should be done in the time between? Can the issues identified for this specific audit apply to other key processes in the organization? If so, what is done to make this known? Are summary audit reports prepared regularly (quarterly, yearly, etc.) that highlight areas of repeat noncompliance? Are Key Performance Indicators established and published to all parties that would highlight these issues? This presentation will present general tips and techniques that will aid the Internal Audit Department as well as the specific departments in your organization to better address key issues and take proactive steps to prevent repeat nonconformances.