Susie Bowen

Product Owner, Qualtrax, Blacksburg, VA, USA


Susie Bowen is the Product Owner and Compliance Manager at Qualtrax. In her five years at Qualtrax, she has actively and enthusiastically supported Qualtrax customers through training, product configuration, and consultation.

In addition to working directly with customers, Susie also serves as an ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor, Quality Compliance Manager, and Product Owner. She is passionate about process improvement, the adoption of a quality mindset, and the impact of these methodologies on business efficiencies and risk mitigation. Her continual direct work with customers and the Qualtrax product uniquely positions her to understand and speak to customer pain points and needs around streamlining processes for improved organizational effectiveness.

Prior to her career with Qualtrax, Susie spent 12 years working in Forensics, including specialties such as Agent in Charge of Training and Development, LIMS Administrator, Qualtrax Administrator, drug chemistry analysis, and autopsy technician.