Conducting Better Process Audits

Presenter: Dan Reid, Principal Consultant, Management Systems Consulting LLC, Farmington, MI, USA

Keywords: Audits, Process Requirements

Industry: Automotive, Aviation/Space, Manufacturing

Level: Intermediate


Audits should be conducted of the organization’s management system, its processes and products. An organization should also conduct audits of suppliers (second party). Some customers actually require suppliers to perform first and second party audits. Auditors will never have enough time to do all the auditing that they would really like to do so it is important to plan the audit, allocating appropriate time to suspect processes and then perform the audit in a systematic manner for effectiveness and efficiency. In this session, Dan Reid will provide a methodology to conduct effective process audits given these challenges. Participants will leave this session with key questions to ask in interviews to maximize the effectiveness of the audit in finding and focusing on the biggest gaps between the process requirements and the process in practice.