MARCH 11-12, 2019

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"The 2019 ISO 9000 & AUDITS WORLD CONFERENCE is focused on providing you and your organization with the information and tools needed to drive toward excellence"

Advancement. Whether this is an advancement of the organization, individual advancement or both, the continued pursuit of excellence can only be achieved through advancement. While the transition related to most of the management system standards (e.g., ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D, ISO 14001:2015, etc.) has already reached its completion, the effort needed to continue driving your organization’s management system and your career needs to continue moving forward. While pausing to enjoy the fruits of your labor is not necessarily bad, the possibility of getting stuck in the mire of complacency can be very bad and potentially catastrophic. 

The 2019 ISO 9000 & AUDITS WORLD CONFERENCE is focused on providing you and your organization with the information and tools needed to continue this drive toward excellence. This year’s conference will not only continue its tradition of providing relevant topics with leading experts in their respective fields, but it is broadening the conference format to account for a deeper look at how management systems and auditing can and should be used to achieve effectiveness. By adding “AUDITS” as a focal point and adding topics that support the advancement of skills, attendees will be positioned to push their own boundaries and those of the organization they represent. 

The ISO 9000 & AUDITS WORLD CONFERENCE will kick off on the morning of Monday, March 11, 2019, and will jump right into the sessions. The sessions include keynote sessions that will allow you to hear from some of the leading experts with backgrounds that vary from corporate executives to individual practitioners on some of the most relevant topics related to management system implementation and sustainment. 

A different format for workshops has also been developed. Workshops will be offered on both Sunday and Wednesday to give attendees the opportunity to schedule their participation in a manner that best fits their schedule. 

While format changes are happening, as we continue to look for ways to advance the learning experience for attendees, one thing that will not change is the focus to provide a program that is relevant and to provide the best opportunities for learning and networking. By focusing on ways to achieve organizational and individual advancement, through the continuing development of an understanding related to ISO 9001:2015, its related sector specific standards and other pertinent management system standards, the ISO 9000 & AUDITS WORLD CONFERENCE presents attendees with what they need to pursue excellence. 

We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio! 
Warm Regards, 

Robert Freeman, Chair, 2019 ISO 9000 & Audits World Conference