Create Your Own Toolbox for a Smooth Transition to ISO 9001

Presenter: Susan Moore, Compliance and Self Assessment, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, Dallas, TX, USA

Keywords: Risk Mitigation

Industry: Aviation/Space, Defense/Military, Manufacturing

Level: Intermediate


Preparing your company for the new standard revision is critical to your company’s future. Our company has remained focused and delivered value to our customers by embracing revision change with a continual improvement mindset to mitigate risk. We challenge our processes and minimize risk with a robust self identifying process as we continue to expand and meet our customer’s needs.

Our company’s self assessment program takes a proactive approach because it uses out of the box tools to create awareness, and instills process ownership from the general manufacturing workforce to the highest level of management. With a team approach we concentrate on preventive action opposed to corrective action. This creates an atmosphere of awareness in numbers. The more aware our employees are of the procedures and the requirements within; the better they can follow and/or change them to meet the requirements of the Standards. This process can also be easily adapted and implemented with suppliers’ assessment needs.

Teaming together, management and team members can have a voice to formulate plans for improvement. Management has a sky box view and can trend assessment data, identify the risk and communicate with teams. This part of the process builds trust within teams and management. The data also confirms we are working to our requirements and procedures before they become an audit finding. It is imperative we follow through the validation process when risks are identified and actions are taken to ensure the assessments are effective and value added. This approach takes self identifying to a new level by including the general work force.

Our customers, like those of other companies, are counting on us to meet their most critical needs and by looking at self-identification and using simplistic tools we can provide a smooth transition into the New ISO 9001 Standard. Mitigating risk within the standards, processes and procedures we can provide stellar products second to none.