• Data Analysis: Inputs to a Successful Management Review


Data Analysis: Inputs to a Successful Management Review


Steven Green, Director, TACG Certification Body, TACG Certification Body, Beavercreek, OH, USA


Analysis, Management Review, Measurement





There is little doubt as to the importance of Management Review with regard to Top Leadership commitment and assessing overall health of an organizations Quality Management System (QMS). However, experience in QMS auditing has revealed time and time again that organizations are often unclear of or lack understanding in the importance of inputs to Management Review. Although not completely comprehensive, the following vital elements are often overlooked but must be thoroughly analyzed as input to a successful Management Review. This presentation will focus on the following four areas and the importance of analysis as input to Management Review.

QMS processes are designed with the goal of satisfying customer requirements. In order to know if these processes are performing well, appropriate measures are assigned and tracked to objectively determine if customer requirements are, in fact, being met. Analysis of these measures is required to determine if process goals are being consistently achieved. The results of this analysis should serve as input to management review to give Top Leadership insight to process performance and determine if corrective actions need to be put in place to address process performance deficiencies.

Another important input to Management Review is the effectiveness of actions to address risk. As risks are identified and documented, mitigation steps are, or should be, identified based on results of risk analysis. The effectiveness of this analysis and corresponding mitigation tactics should be discussed during the Management Review. Top Leadership not only needs to know of the risks, but also needs to have confidence that the risk has been mitigated or that a plan is in place to mitigate risks. Risk mitigation should be continuously monitored and reviewed again during subsequent Management Reviews.

Customer satisfaction is an additional input to Management Review and can be related to process performance measures. However, these measures normally do not provide data on how the customer actually views the way an organization is meeting their requirements. Experience has shown, organizations are deficient in effectively measuring customer satisfaction. Due to limited response from customer satisfaction surveys, a common go-to for gauging how well an organization is fulfilling their customer’s needs, other methods of receiving customer opinion should be utilized and comments analyzed during Management Review.

Performance of external providers is also a significant input to Management Review that is crucial to the organizations ability to meet customer needs. How this performance is measured is as vitally important as the need to act on the results of the measurement. Analysis of external provider performance data is required to determine their effect on QMS operation. Additionally, it is important for Top Leadership to understand the effectiveness of the measures used to assess external providers. They must ensure these measures are being analyzed, results documented and action taken. Performance assessments should be discussed during Management Review.

Taking time to effectively analyze these requirements and use their output as input to Management Review enables Management Review to be a robust discussion and review of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.