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Lorri Hunt, President, Lorri Hunt & Associates, Inc., Kansas City, USA


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One of the challenges organizations are faced with is having their quality management system keep pace with technology. For organizations that have an established quality management system that dates to the beginning of ISO 9001, it is possible that they continue to use tools that were developed when technology was in its infancy. Think back to the time when it took an hour to locate a purchase order, one month to process data related to management review, or documented procedures maintained in manuals.

While the time to make data available and analyze it has significantly improved over the years and many organizations have transitioned to some updated technology tools, there remains at times a reluctance to update initial technology tools that were implemented. This may due to the concepts “don’t fix it if it is not broken” or “if we change it, we may no longer be compliant.” It could also be due to the lack of information technology support or the lack of funding to invest in off-the-shelf solutions.

Without consideration of these upgrades your organization may be leaving capability on the table. It may also be leaving your organization vulnerable. It is common that many solutions developed in the past are controlled by one person, the only person who understands the system. It is also possible that corporate organizations will support solutions in specific software packages. This can result in a lack of support when a system no longer is functioning properly or a lack of an organizational knowledge when the “database expert” retires or leaves the company.

Organizations must also consider that changes in the diversity of the workforce are an indication that organizations need to think about how to work differently than what they have in the past. In today’s age of low unemployment, organizations need to consider all of the aspects of the business that make individuals want to work at their company. This includes technology

ISO 9001:2015 set the stage for being more innovative in the approach with dealing with documents and records by introducing records.

This session will outline the steps that an organization can take to refresh its management system by updating technology. The emphasis of this session will be to highlight how to make technology changes, without recommending specific products, to your management system while maintaining its integrity.

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