Effective Process Metrics

Presenter: Tracy Stephens, Lead Auditor, Quality Systems Services, Binghamton, NY, USA

Keywords: Measurements, Performance, Improvement

Industry: Automotive, Aviation/Space, Manufacturing

Level: Intermediate


Although the Process Approach has now been with us for nearly 18 years and is the heart of all ISO 9001- based quality management system, its implementation is suspect in many organizations. Knowing how each of the processes comprising the quality management system is performing is key to the Process Approach, but many organizations still struggle with the identification and effective use of process measurements to monitor process performance.

There are several traits of effective process measures, and related concepts, that will enable process owners to identify and present process measures to derive maximum benefit from their use and drive improvement of the process being measured. The proposed presentation will explore these traits and explain the concepts to allow process owners to apply meaningful measurements to the correct processes so that they can more clearly present to management their process’s performance. The ability to clearly present a process’s performance will enhance the owner’s ability to improve that performance.

When all of an organization’s processes have clearly defined measures being monitored, which facilitates improvement efforts to achieve effective and efficient process performance, clearly the overall organization performance will also be effective and efficient. Good, meaningful process measurements are the foundation of the Process Approach and achieving such performance.

As an added benefit, having good, meaningful process measures that can be clearly displayed will make QMS audits proceed more smoothly.