• Effectiveness of Management Systems in Government Organizations


Effectiveness of Management Systems in Government Organizations


Georgi Brooks-Newton, Quality Systems Manager, City of Dallas, Dallas, TX, USA

Co-Presenter: Robert Freeman, President, Practical Perspectives, Dallas, TX USA


Government, ISO 9001, Integrated Management System





Achieving a return on the investment is not limited to the business world, but should also be of importance to government organizations too. This is the expectation for the management system at the City of Dallas. As is the case for many government organizations, the City of Dallas operates as a series departments with practices and objectives specific to services they provide. While these practices and objectives can align with other departments or other divisions within a department, this was not often the case and led to inefficiencies. Additionally, the City of Dallas was concerned about the need to retain its organizational knowledge during a time when a significant number of its workers would be reaching retirement age. Through the effective implementation of an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 integrated management system, and the application of Lean Six Sigma principles, the City of Dallas has been able to identify areas where organizational knowledge needed to be captured and efficiencies can be realized. Coupled with the approach employed to audit and the pursuit of continual improvement initiatives, based on what those audits and the data used to analyze and evaluate identifies, effectiveness is not only being pursued but the results show it has been achieved.

This session will outline how the City of Dallas used ISO 9001 as a platform for an integrated management system and to capture the interrelationships of departments, for the sake of supporting its ability to sustain its organizational knowledge and promote the efficient and effective offering of City services. The emphasis of this session will be to highlight the process employed to achieve integration, how the City of Dallas established performance goals that account for each department’s objectives and the interrelationships with other departments and governmental agencies, and how some Lean Six Sigma projects were used to improve efficiency and overall effectiveness.