Engaging Top Management

Presenter: Beth Coody, ISO Internal Auditor, Cavendish Scott, Inc, Aurora, CO, USA

Keywords: Sustainability, Top Management

Industry: Manufacturing, Service

Level: Intermediate


Engaging top management is a challenge that many organizations face. The standards are changing and stricter requirements are being made for top management. The reason? Without management involvement the ability to implement and maintain an effective quality management system is incredibly difficult. In many cases, lack of top management involvement has directly led to loss of ISO certification. This presentation describes proven techniques with data acquired from major research institutions that promote top management engagement.

ISO Consultants-

  • Learn how to deliver tools and principles to employees seeking support from top management.
  • Provide exceptional service to your clients by the use of “engaging” techniques in your initial meeting or consultation.


  • Effectively explain non-conformance findings related to management involvement to your clients without making them feel as though they’ve failed. This is especially important with clients who have invested significant financial resources to their QMS.

Quality Managers, Quality Teams, ISO Support Staff-

  • How to “Speak Up!” for your QMS!
  • Learn key phrases that create an active listening environment with your management team.
  • Negotiate exchanges using the Social Exchange Theory.

Top Management-

  • Learn the real benefits and value of an effective QMS.
  • The “Bottom Line” let’s talk dollars. How to view your QMS as a system that generates revenue within the organization.


  • Effectively flow down the requirements, and value, of the QMS to all employees.
  • Learn fast, proven techniques that will impart accountability to management teams.
  • Discover the significance of top management and employee interactions with regards to the ISO standards.