Five Easy Transition Tricks and One Philosophy to Boost Value

Presenter: Colin Gray, President, Cavendish Scott, Inc, Denver, CO, USA

Keywords: Transition, ISO, Value

Industry: If choose "other," please list sector as well: All ISO industries

Level: Intermediate


Transition time is upon us all.

It is a task we all have to get done and getting it done quickly and easily is what we all want. The new standard gives many opportunities for enhancement and improvement and finally it gives us greater flexibility in how we implement the requirements, and importantly, how we demonstrate conformance. Everyone needs to take advantage of these opportunities and transition is the time to do it. Beyond that, understanding what options are available to you and the flexibility that they allow will help you craft an optimal solution.

These tricks and tips are not quick fixes. They are an understanding of the flexibility of the standard to allow you to optimize your solution. No cheating. Just better solutions. This will help you plan transition, or for those of you already transitioned, these ideas will bring new light to allow development and improvement.

Whether your goal is simple applications for transition or an appreciation of flexibility for future enhancement, this presentation will give you key ideas that will be valuable to you throughout.


Don’t change…nothing changed! – the philosophy behind ISO never changed. The concept of QMS never changed. Quality never changed.

Mind the Gap! – In fact just skip the gap.

Read my lips. No more documents! – ISO removed the need for many (any?) documents. So what?

Management Representative Adios! – Forever we have had our ISO programs expertly led by dedicated professionals.

Nothing new here! - ISO has introduced some new, sensible, and important processes but most if not all organizations already do this stuff.