• Four Reasons to Create an Integrated Management System


Four Reasons to Create an Integrated Management System


Victoria Delaney, Viva Business Solutions, Greenville, SC, USA


: ISO9001/14001/45001, Integrated Management System, Management System Integration





Many times, quality issues are caused by a lack of coordination with Environmental, Health & Safety management. In a quality focused environment there is very little attention paid to the risks created by the work environment and infrastructure. These risks are assumed to be covered by the Environmental and Health & Safety departments.

The common approach of separate management systems introduces the risk of redundancies as well as potentially ineffective processes and improvement actions by not considering all of the requirements of all Standards at one time.

The advent of ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2016, and ISO45001:2018 has finally made it easier to create an integrated management system because of the common structure of planning, operations, measuring/monitoring, and continual improvement.

ISO14001 and ISO45001 play a significant role in the planning of the work environment and infrastructure required by ISO9001. The current method of siloing the three standards results in triple work and an ineffective approach to handling a corrective action that may have a root cause from inadequate environmental, health & safety planning.

One corrective action system for all three standards enables an organization to identify the true root cause and address any environmental aspects and health and safety hazards as a function of the integrated management system rather than individually.

This session will provide attendees with an overview of the common requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 with a focus on the four reasons it makes sense to integrate these 3 standards into one comprehensive integrated management system.

The objective is to reduce redundancy and non-value-added documentation and create a simple all-encompassing efficient integrated management system to is easy to audit and continually improve.

Companies will benefit from a simpler and more efficient internal audit program and corrective action system if implemented as a well thought out Integrated Management System. Root cause solutions will then seamlessly cover all aspects of the business as a result of the removal of the separate management system silos and integrating them into one effective program.

Attendees will leave with a plan to guide them on how to integrate their business processes efficiently with minimal disruption to their current processes.