Harmonizing People and Processes Through Lean Software Concepts

Presenter: Max Doleh, President/CEO, Productive Technologies, Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Keywords: Process Management, Information Technology, Lean Methods

Industry: Food/Drug/Cosmetics, Healthcare, Software

Level: Basic


Lean principles long associated with manufacturing, have more recently, through a variation, been adopted by software developers. Even more recently, thought leaders in the software industry have identified a direct correlation between lean manufacturing principles and the products which they are designing for their customer base. Lean methodologies can truly be applied to any industry, product or service offering and with flexible software tools, tracked and managed in any business environment.

Session attendees will gain knowledgeable insight into how software products developed through lean methods can provide valuable tools for capturing data, driving workflows and reporting on production outputs, as well as other business processes. Today, software solutions are being presented in “low-code” designs that allow users to configure and launch their own applications through eForms, connected workflow diagrams, and much more. All of this accomplished without the need for a developer or complex software coding. This new way of building software solutions, inspired by innovative and creative individuals like Mr. Doleh, has helped businesses implement and track processes and systems from their early stages to record growth. The adoption of scalable and adaptable tools early in an organization’s founding provide the cohesiveness and integration paramount to maintaining business continuity and operational insight.

In a non-branded style, working through the principles of Lean, Mr. Doleh will share with the audience how his company maintained adherence to these methods through an internal shift away from project-based custom development to product manufacturing. Challenging the audience to begin identifying where lean principles can more effectively provide positive outcomes in their everyday lives, Doleh will share simple and effective practices that can be applied to any situation or process.