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Implementation of Actions to Prevent Human Error
Duke Okes,  Knowledge Architect

Webinar Description

The 2015 edition of ISO 9001 has expanded the range of activities intended to ensure that the organization achieves its quality objectives. These include high level alignment of the organization with stakeholder interests, as well as more specifics around necessary process controls.

"Implementation of actions to prevent human error" is one such addition. While the requirement is included in the "control of production and service provision" clause, it obviously requires consideration much earlier in planning and implementing a QMS.

This webinar will show how human error prevention actions should be built into the PDCA cycle, and provide examples of the most common causes of those err
ors. Methods for assessing products and processes for adequacy of human error prevention, as well as diagnosing resulting errors for taking corrective action will be presented.

Attendees will:

  • understand the differences between externally and internally triggered human errors
  • common causes of human errors related to each of the six M's
  • how to assess human error risks
  • typical interventions to prevent human error

Webinar Dates

  • Thursday, September 19, 2017

Time: 1 PM - 3 PM EST
Length: 120 minutes
CEUs: 0.2
Price: $199

Who Should Attend

  • Product/process designers/owners
  • Managers of QMS
  • Corrective action coordinators
  • Anyone wanting to reduce human errors occurring during operations


Duke Okes has conducted training & consulting for quality management systems for more than 31 years.  He has conducted more than hundreds of workshops and webinars on QMS design and implementation, internal auditing, performance metrics, root cause analysis, human error, risk management, failure mode & effects analysis and facilitation skills. He is the author of Root Cause Analysis: The Core of Problem Solving and Corrective Action, and Performance Metrics: The Levers for Process Management, and holds degrees in technology, business and education.   

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“ISO 9001 is used by millions of people and organisations around the world and the upcoming 2015 revision will have a big impact on those who work with the standard.

The impact of this revision will be similar to, if not greater than the 2000 edition, which was a major change for accreditation bodies, certification bodies, training organisations, implementing organisations, procurement organisations, consultants and customers.”

An excerpt from IRCA Resources on “ISO 9001: IRCA Supporting the 2015 Revision”, October 2013