Innovative Concepts in Aviation, Space, and Defense Quality Management Standards

Presenter: Alan Daniels, QMS Strategy, Integration and Industry Quality Standards Management, The Boeing Company, Lake Stevens, WA, USA
Keywords: Aerospace, Aviation, Space, Defense 
Industry: Aviation/Space 
Level: Intermediate


Attendees at this concurrent session will have the opportunity to experience firsthand how the aviation, space and defense industry identifies innovative concepts for introduction into their standards. The aviation, space and defense industry works in an environment where quality and product safety are critical to success and being at the forefront of quality innovation is not only desirable, but a necessity. Creatively managing risks and change in the industry are key to meeting the ever changing requirements and expectations. The concurrent session will begin with how emergent issues that present risks to the industry are identified, assessed and ultimately molded into new concepts for introduction into their quality standards. Tools utilized by the Aviation, Space & Defense (ASD) industry will show how emergent issues, that present risks to the industry, are addressed and ultimately molded into new concepts for introduction into their quality standards. Attendees will be able to take the information discussed in the concurrent session and apply them directly at their organization.

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