• Internal Auditing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Internal Auditing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Mistakes, Objectivity, Planning


Beth Coody, Consultant / Internal Auditor, Cavendish Scott, Aurora, CO, USA

Keywords:Mistakes, Objectivity, Planning





Performing effective and comprehensive internal audits for your organization can be more complicated than one might think!

As a consultant and internal auditor I have identified major nonconformances for processes that were audited internally by company employees just weeks before, and no nonconformances were found. How is that possible? And why does it happen so frequently? The answer is usually very simple. This presentation discusses the seven most common auditing mistakes found by some of the most experienced third-party internal auditors in the industry. This abstract touches on three of the seven most common mistakes made by internal auditors.

Poor Planning: Coordinating with managers and supervisors is a critical element to a successful internal audit. This is especially important for production activities as there are typically many audit paths to pursue. In this presentation you will learn valuable techniques that will aid you in planning and coordinating your internal audit.

Objectivity: This seems straightforward right? Wrong. Even though you are not auditing your own work, the human element of performing a truly objective internal audit can be very challenging. This presentation will provide you with insights for effective communication that will allow you to perform a more objective internal audit while avoiding conflict with process owners.

Unqualified auditors: Internal auditors with the best of intentions cannot conduct an effective internal audit without proper education. Learn what resources you need to ensure you have all the tools to perform your internal audits.