Johnson Controls Manufacturing System – Furthering the Quality Journey

Presenter: Craig Williams, VP Enterprise Total Quality Leader, Johnson Controls, Novi, MI, USA

Industry: Customer Service, Electronics, Manufacturing

Level: Intermediate


This presentation will give the attendees an opportunity to explore the continuing journey of Johnson Controls while driving its operating goals to achieve manufacturing excellence with the deployment of the Johnson Controls Manufacturing System (JCMS). In particular, we will focus on the drive to continually improve Quality through the deployment of the Total Quality principle within JCMS.

The transformational journey, in its 4th year, has been one of changing from “another corporate initiative” to fundamentally changing the way in which the plants work in Quality. Quality is a principle that the entire plant follows and not just a department within the facility.

The presentation is a follow up from a past conference and will highlight the changes and improvements to the systems that have taken place. Additionally, it will take a look forward into the impacts of “Industry 4.0” on JCMS and the Quality function within Johnson Controls.

An exploration of this journey may help other companies who struggle with integrating the needs and requirements of quality into the DNA of the organization and help the attendees to explore how a similar transformational journey may impact their own quality management system.