• Leveraging the Value of Quality in Your Business Through ISO


Leveraging the Value of Quality in Your Business Through ISO


Christine Park, President, Christine Park & Associates, Villa Rica, GA, USA


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The structure of ISO 9001:2015 can be used as a model for business structure. . Just looking at the high - level outline you can see the following basic business requirements.

• Context of the organization – This clause is focused on the importance of understanding your organization and aligning it to the strategic business plan.

o Define external and internal influencers.

o Who are the interested parties and what are they interested in?

o What are the key processes in your organization and how are they interrelated?

As you can see, this these considerations should align with the overall strategic plan whether it is a new business or a Fortune 500 organization.

• Leadership – When you evaluate clause 5.1.1, there are 10 elements defining the expectations of top management/leadership. . Again, these expectations are not just something that ISO expects. . These are expectations you would have for anyone in a leadership position within any organization. Consider looking at these requirements as skill sets for leadership and measure how your business rates today.

• Risk management and planning – This clause is all about making changes in a controlled manner with the appropriate levels of risk. . This was one of the early lessons I learned in MBA Schoolschool. . Every business executive I know makes decisions based on evidence and the appropriate levels of risk. . Additionally, this is where the business objectives are set to achieve the intended results.

• Support – Another basic business concept. . Every company/organization needs a strong infrastructure for support. . This includes resources, facilities, equipment, training, communication, and documentation. . Think of your business as a house under construction. There must be a strong foundation to support the structure of the home. . If you put the right processes in place, the business can grow with great efficiency and speed.

• Operations – Having set a strong foundation, it’s time to look at the processes necessary to produce product and support customers. . This will vary from business to business. . Whether you are manufacturing product, providing services, or both, there should be processes in place to ensure a high level of quality and consistency in the product. . In this section of the standard, you get guidance on design/development, purchasing and supplier management, actual production and release of product. . Essentially, these are all of the activities necessary to provide products and/or services to meet customer requirements.

• Performance and Evaluation – This area of the standard focuses on how to measure your business performance. . Having defined the your business goals and objectives, it is important to identify meaningful metrics that demonstrate how the key processes are performing. . As you work through this area, remember to address the meaningful few rather than the trivial many. Don’t define data or metrics for data sake.

• Improvement – The leadership of every company/organization should focus on improvements and how to make things better. . Nothing is ever perfect, so there will always be things that don’t go the way you expect. . Understanding root cause and implementing corrective action facilitates greater opportunities for growth and reduction in the cost of poor quality

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