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ISO 9000 &
The London Declaration
  What You Need to Know

The London Declaration, signed during the 75th Anniversary of ISO week, hosted by BSI (the UK’s National Standard’s Body), is a significant step in the global effort towards achieving net zero emissions. The Declaration commits all ISO members, stakeholders, and partners to accelerating the achievement of the goals laid out in the Paris Agreement, which include reaching net zero by 2050 and keeping the rise in mean global temperature well below 2°C, or preferably 1.5°C.

The Declaration aims to embed sustainability in all standards by actively factoring in climate science and involving those who are most vulnerable to climate change in the standard development process. An action plan will be published to determine how this can be put into practice for all new standards, as well as for all revisions to existing standards. BSI is committed to ensuring that all of the 40,000 standards in its national portfolio are amended accordingly and will assess, understand, and address the climate impact of any standard.

The London Declaration is a response to the pressing need for action on climate change. Recent research shows that fewer than one in four of the world’s largest companies are on course to meet basic climate change objectives, and Europe looks set to miss its 2030 goal for cutting emissions by 21 years. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicts that the global limit of 1.5°C will be reached by 2040 or sooner unless emissions are slashed in the next few years, leading to severe consequences such as flooding, extreme fire weather, droughts, rising sea levels, and loss of sea ice.

BSI and ISO have been working towards mitigating the impact of climate change for a number of years, and the London Declaration represents a significant step forward in this effort. It is a commitment to collaboration, a focus on hard science, and the inclusion of the climate vulnerable in the standard development process, which will help governments and industries accelerate their transition towards net zero.

The Conference will cover any new information on the The London Declaration up to the conference dates during the Panel Discussion.


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