Matching the Man to the Machine: Human Factors in the Success of All We Do

Presenter: Frank Cain, Consultant, FPCain LLC, Palm Harbor, FL, USA

Keywords: Human Factors, Interactive Human Factors Simulation

Industry: Aviation/Space

Level: Basic


This presentation defines human factors, traces their origin to World War II, and explains their contribution to both the ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Quality Management Systems. The social, psychological and physical factors are discussed, and why they are a part of an Organization’s risk management program-need to match the machine to the man. The following three actual events are discussed:

(1) Airplane cockpits has s mass of instruments. In a study, it was determined that reading errors (incorrect reading) resulted from different dial shapes. 

(2) A manufacturing error created by an Aerospace production employee due to excessive emotional stress. The mistake resulted in extensive rework to the affected assemblies, at increased cost and lost schedule, and 

(3) The airplane which had to make a forced landing due to a bird strike These events all illustrate the influence human factors have on our operations. Also included is an interactive simulation to allow those in attendance to experience the effects of human factors on their performance.