Stephen McCarthy

VP, Digital Innovation, Sparta Systems, Inc., Hamilton, NJ, USA


Stephen McCarthy is Vice President of Digital Innovation at Sparta Systems. Steve is uniquely qualified to enhance Sparta's mission of advancing the value of Quality Management Systems for our customers. He has a key responsibility to aid our customers successfully transition to digital technology when they are ready. Steve serves as a key resource across the company, sharing his leadership, innovation and experience while contributing to customer interactions, marketing activities, industry leadership events and product development. In this role Steve supports Sparta’s mission of helping the industries we serve to improve product quality and safety, streamline their operations, and lower risk and ensure compliance, using innovative cloud solutions that support an all-digital strategy.

Stephen has nearly three decades of experience within the healthcare industry. Prior to joining Sparta, he held several high-profile positions within Johnson & Johnson (J&J), the most recent of which was as VP of Quality Systems Shared Services for services for the company’s pharmaceutical, medical device, and consumer segments. There he led a team of over 280 employees, implementing complex systems and quality process transformations across the enterprise, delivering multimillion-dollar value propositions, and greatly increasing product safety and supply chain continuity. His earlier career was spent in virology research at the University Hospital St. Thomas’ in London.

Stephen holds a BSc in Medical & Industrial Biology from Cardiff University in Wales, UK.

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