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Douglas J. McCloskey

Chief Systems & Solutions Architect, Lean IMS LLC, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Doug is a highly experience global business transformation leader, systems and solution architect having successfully completed projects for more than 70 leading companies across multiple industries, including but not limited to technology, pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, hospitality, retail, finance, data services, software development, professional service and manufacturing.

With more than 30 years experience, including multiple executive positions, Doug has combined lean and quality management methods with modern agile systems design and project management to create highly flexible and adaptable compliance management systems that integrate compliance requirements into lean, extendible models that scale with the business and ever changing standards.Doug is a graduate of Stanford University's Advanced Management College and has completed MIT's Strategic Planning for Artificial Intelligence certification program.

Additionally Doug has held certifications as a Quality Manager, Quality Engineer, Quality Auditor and Biomedical Auditor and is currently a certified Project Management Professional and Risk Management Professional.Doug is the Chief Systems & Solutions Architect for Lean Integrated Management Systems LLC and works as a Senior Atlassian Solutions Architect for multiple Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partners. Doug is the creator of the Lean Integrated Management Systems methodology used to consolidate and optimize all compliance management requirements into a single integrated compliance management systems that can be used in any industry and scaled to meet any size business from start-up to Fortune 500 global organizations. 


ISO Compliance Management Using Jira and Confluence

The Atlassian product Ecosystem, particularly Jira Service Management and Confluence provide users with a unique ability to build their own turn-key Compliance Management System for ISO 9000 that can be extended to integrate numerous other ISO and non-ISO related standards.

The key to these solutions is understanding the universal processes that are common to all compliance management systems and then converting the requirements of each compliance standard to a set of 'control objects' which then can be inter-related using a CMDB which then is directly connected to each of the relevant processes which drive the work required to operate, maintain and sustain your compliance management system.

A best-in-class compliance management systems does not stand on its own, rather it is directly integrated into the system used to manage operations and related workflows.

As a flexible and powerful toolset, the Atlassian ecosystem of products allows users to adapt their particular requirements to the requirements of ISO standards, including the required workflows, data, dashboards, reports, knowledgebase and other elements necessary to develop, deploy, train, sustain, operate and continual improve your compliance management system to meet the ever-changing needs of the business, ISO standards and other compliance requirements.


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