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Mitigating Risk in the Supply-Chain

Emily Ysaguirre, Ysaguirre, Marketing Content Coordinator, EtQ, Farmingdale, NY, USA

Keywords: Risk, Supply Chain, Mitigation

Industry: All

Level: Intermediate


Risk Management outside Your Four Walls: Implementing Risk Strategies for the Supply Chain

The dynamic of business today is more complex than ever before. Globalization, product competition and the increasing of the supplier network has driven companies into far more directions. In addition, product competition is at an all-time high, forcing companies to move faster to push product differentiation to the market. All this, and the visibility into compliance is greater than ever. How can companies navigate the complexities within their organization, while keeping a strong level of compliance?

The key becomes one of risk-based thinking in supply chain quality. In this webinar, we will look at the various elements that focus on the ability to connect with the supply chain, while maintaining an acceptable level of compliance. We will look at the risk management activities that organizations are employing to create greater visibility and control in supplier management, building better relationships, and encouraging the supply chain to participate in the quality management process, while limiting risks along the way.

You will learn:

About the current dynamic of business, and how the supply chain is factoring into the equation

The current risks associated with the supply chain

Current mitigation strategies to connect the supply chain to quality

Review the concept of leveraging risk-based thinking and risk management to supplier management

Look at the ways in which you can streamline and create efficiencies in supplier involvement in your process