Panel Discussion - Audits: Certification, Accreditation, and Your Organization

Panel Moderator: Lorri Hunt, President, Lorri Hunt & Associates, Inc., Kansas City, MO, USA

Keywords: ISO 9001 Certification Body Audits

Industry: Automotive, Aviation/Space, Manufacturing

Level: Intermediate

Panel Discussion: Certification, Accreditation and Your Organization

Panelists: Lorri Hunt, Alan Daniels, Natalia Larrimer, Isaac Sheps, Jack West, Craig Williams


The ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 transitions brings a focus on the certification of the organization. Organizations will either be in completion phase of their transition or in the process of determining how to sustain the changes they have implemented in their management system. With many organizations waiting until 2018 to complete their transition activities, there is the possibility of auditor resource issues as well as potential delays in processing time for your certificate.

There is also the concern that with a new standard that organizations are driven to make changes to their management systems based on an auditor’s preference rather than the needs of the organization. Knowing how to challenge an auditor and discuss interpretation is key to the organization’s ongoing success.

This year’s panel discussion brings together a group of industry experts that will provide you their viewpoints on these topics during this moderated session.

Leadership Commitment - How corporate executives perceive management system certifications as well as suggestions on successful methods to communicate with them to enhance management commitment.

Accreditation – Why is it important and what to anticipate for certificate processing as the deadline nears for multiple management system standards.

Owning your Management System - Why the appeals process is important for organizations to understand as they own their management system to minimize auditor driven change that may not be needed.

AS9100 / ISO 9001:2015 Transition – Lessons learned from experts who helped draft the standard and common misinterpretations or “misses” during the transition process.

All of these topics will be rounded out with the opportunity for conference attendees to ask specific questions.

The panel includes some of the leading experts in the world. They have extensive experience in the development and implementation of management system standards. The panel includes former corporate executives, trainers, consultants, experts in accreditation, and third party auditors. The panel’s broad set of experience brings diverse viewpoints to the table and provides attendees the opportunity to get their questions answered.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get your questions answered during this interactive panel discussion.