Panel Discussion: The Future of Standards: Technology, Auditing, Accreditation, and Revisions

Panel Moderator

Lorri Hunt, President, Lorri Hunt & Associates, Inc., Kansas City, MO, USA

PanelistsLorri Hunt, Alan Daniels, Robert Freeman, Natalia Larrimer, Isaac Sheps, Jack West

With the transition to the management standard complete, thoughts immediately move to the future. While the revision to standards, including ISO 9001, are probably one of the first thoughts the organization has, the future of standards is also directly related to the increase in technology used in organizations, how internal audits are conducted, and the way certification and accreditation bodies provide oversight on management system standards.

There is no need to panic since a revision is not planned. However, related activities are still ongoing. This year’s panel discussion brings together a group of industry experts that will provide you their viewpoints on these related topics during this moderated session.

Auditing - How can organizations leverage technology to increase the value of their internal audit program?

Accreditation – How does accreditation affect your organization? Why is it important to understand the appeals process? How will accreditation consider technology and the increase of the remote worker?

Technology – How does an organization maintain control of its quality management system as technology becomes more ingrained in its systems?

ISO 9001 Revision – When does ISO TC176 start talking about the future and what does that mean to organizations?

ISO 9004:2018 – How can ISO 9004 potentially aid in preparing an organization for future revisions to other standards?

AS9100 – What does the future hold for aviation, space, and defense?

In addition to these topics, conference attendees will have the opportunity to ask specific questions.

The panel includes some of the leading experts in the world. They have extensive experience in the development and implementation of management system standards. The panel includes former corporate executives, trainers, consultants, experts in accreditation, and third party auditors. The panel’s broad set of experience brings diverse viewpoints to the table and provides attendees the opportunity to get their questions answered.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get your questions answered during this interactive panel discussion.