Process Excellence Framework in Technology R&D Organization

Presenter: Gurtekin-Sen, Nuray, Head of Global Process & Quality, Siemens, NY, NY, USA

Keywords: High Risk Audits, Improved Audit Tools, Process Auditing, Risk-Based Thinking

Industry: Aviation/Space, Chemical, Energy

Level: Advanced


I would like to share Siemens Corporate Technology (CT) Global technology quality and process excellence journey. This business transformation program started in 2013 in US organization. I conceptualized, prepared and released organization process house from scratch. End of 2013 three CT US sites have been certified based on ISO 9001 standards. Designed processes also meet more than ten different country specific medical device and product development requirements. This process framework has been selected global best practice and adapted to global organization including China, India, Russia, Austria and Germany. Currently I’m working for quality and process development, continuous improvement and change management programs as head of global organization in Siemens Corporate Technology.