• Quality Management and Organizational Success
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Quality Management and Organizational Success

Presenter: Isaac Sheps, PhD., Former Senior VP Eastern Europe, Carlsberg Group, Standards Institution of Israel, Ramat Hasharon, Israel


Industry: Manufacturing, Service

Level: Intermediate


The success factors of organizations are developing continuously and every few year’s new success factors are added to the complex demanding and ever-changing competitive environment in which organizations operate. There is no doubt that the primary focus of an organization should be to achieve higher satisfaction of its customers by implementing rigorous processes to continuously improve its products and services quality (Product Quality) - but in the current competitive environment this is not enough to achieve sustained success. Organizations have to implement an effective and efficient management system that is led by top management and is focused on the organization ability to meet the needs and expectations of its customers and other relevant interested parties (Organization Quality), over the long term as the way to achieve sustained success of the organization. Quality management systems scope is to ensure that the organization meets needs and expectations of its customers in a consistent manner. If we percieve all interested parties as customers of the organization with different (and some times contrasting) needs and expectations we can easily demonstrate the fundamental relation between Quality management and Organization success.                           

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