Quality/Lean Management System Core Tools

Presenter: Jd Marhevko, VP QLMS & EHS, Accuride Corporation, Saline, MI, USA

Keywords: APQP, MSA, FMEA

Industry: Automotive, Defense/Military, Manufacturing

Level: Intermediate


This is an interactive session on how to use Core Tools such as APQP, DCP (PFMEA/CP), PPAP, SPC and MSA. Attendees will actively participate in the development of these tools across the session and understand their key functions in an organization. Several successful examples across various business types will be shared. Attendees will walk away with various samples that they can use in their own organizations.

In this fast-paced one hour workshop, interactive focus will be spent on each the 5 Core Tools:

o APQP: Interactive review of the management of product development across the 5 Stage Gates of: Concept Initiation, Program Approval, Prototype Development, Pilot, and Launch.

o MSA: Session participants will engage in both a variables Gage Repeatability and Reproducibly (GRR) analysis and understand its core underlying concepts. Attribute Agreement Analysis (AAA) will also be covered. Mock GRR and AAA activities will be conducted with the attendees.

o SPC: Again, this engaging session will take participants through the high level basics of Cp/Pp, Cpk/Ppk while reviewing and discussing sample variables (X-bar & R) and attributes (p, c) charts with basic discussion on normal and special cause variation

o DCP: A blend of the FMEA and CP. This hands on activity will have attendees actually completing a sample line item in a DCP while evaluating basic forms of risk in the “assembly of a marker cap onto its barrel”.

o PPAP. This part of the session will engage the participants in the review of a Product Sample Warrant (PSW) and several of the 19 components that may be required in a PPAP submission.