Panel Discussion - Audits: Certification, Accreditation, and Your Organization

Panel Moderator: Lorri Hunt, President, Lorri Hunt & Associates, Inc., Kansas City, MO, USA

Keywords: ISO 9001 Certification Body Audits

Industry: Automotive, Aviation/Space, Manufacturing

Level: Intermediate


As the management system standards, including ISO 9001:2015, near their deadline for transition, the speed at which organizations are transitioning remains at a slow pace. There are many different reasons why this may be the case such as waiting for a recertification audit, business changes going on in the organization, or concerns with how the certification body may conduct the audit.

While there is a new standard, the methods for how we communicate and work with certification body (third party) auditors should not change. However, many organizations have consistently demonstrated in the past and in the current environment a reluctance to challenge auditors on their interpretation of the requirements. Specifically how they interpret the requirements qwhen compaired to how the organization has applied them. In some cases, the organization simply accepts a nonconformity for fear of making their auditor mad.

Organizations need to own their management systems. This comes with understanding the management system requirements and how they are applied in the organization. Once this is achieved the organization can open discussions with third party auditors on the interpretation. Organizations also need to understand the actions that can be taken when the organization and third party auditor do not achieve agreement. Discussion will also include why organizations should not be afraid to take these steps.

The presenter will provide viewpoints as an auditee from her extensive experience working in industry as well as her experience as a third party auditor.

This session will discuss the methods an organization should use to own their management system and approaches to take with auditors to successfully navigate audits, including those related to transition activities.