Taking “Interested Parties” in Context: Managing the Legal Risks of Section 4.2

Presenter: Jennifer Dukarski, Shareholder, Butzel Long, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Keywords: Interested Parties, Section 4.2

Industry: Automotive, Electronics, Manufacturing

Level: Intermediate


What is an “Interested Party” under Section 4.2? For an organization, the act of defining “Interested Parties” and their requirements sets in motion introspection on how products and services meet the expectation of customers, laws and all those who interact with the organization. This internal and external review takes into account social, cultural, economic and environmental needs that are reasonably relevant to the purpose of the organization and its goods and services. This exercise casts a wide net that could potentially be interpreted as new corporate duties and obligations leading to an increased risk of litigation. By taking “Interested Parties” in context, an organization will be able to manage the scope of those parties and their interests through the application of reasonable definitions and a systematic review of contractual relations, regulations, and laws to establish natural boundaries that meet the requirements and spirit of ISO 9001.