The Evolving Contemporary Role of the Audit Process: A Call for Thoughtful Action

Presenter: Jack West, CEO, John West Consulting, LLC, The Woodlands, TX, USA

Co-Presenter: Charles Cianfrani, CEO, Green Lane Quality Management Services LLC, Green Lane, PA, USA

Keywords: Auditing, Ethics, Risk

Industry: Manufacturing, Service

Level: Advanced


This presentation considers the role of the audit process in a contemporary organization. Change regularly impacts organizational activities, and the audit process must consider how change introduces risk into processes. The presentation will explore the role of the audit system and auditors in the integration of risk based thinking in the planning, implementation and reporting of an audit. It will stress the need for the audit process to integrate the assessment of risk when performing audits and reporting results. Consideration of risk is a call to action for audit system managers to ensure the audit process integrates risk based thinking. Such thinking expands the scope of auditing from just assessing conformity to requirements and introduces a level of sophistication that is beyond the scope of many audit programs.