• The Leader Needed to Achieve Sustained Success


The Leader Needed to Achieve Sustained Success

Presenter:Dr. Isaac Sheps, Chair of the Central Commitee for MSS, The Standarrds Institute of Israel, Ramat Hasharon, Israel


Leadership, Success, Sustained Success


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Leadership is not a new concept or term. From the very beginning of human societies there where people who stood out from the crowd and the crowd followed them. In this presentation we are discussing the type, characteristics and competences of the leader who wishes to take his organization on a journey to achieve sustained success.

To achieve sustained success in the current competitive and ever-changing environment in which organizations operate is a challenging target. To achieve challenging targets, a high level of leadership is needed at all levels of the organization and obviously it is essential at the top level. In the author’s opinion, leadership is a prerequisite for a successful journey to achieve sustained success.

Moving from theory to practice, we must realize that an organization is a system build of a network of interconnected and interrelated processes which have to function in a fully aligned way. Like in an orchestra we need a leader who has the capability to ensure this alignment happens.

The leader’s role is not only to define a strategy and set up the, long and short term, objectives and the needed processes but the top leader must inspire and lead all people in the organization to embrace the organization identity and act upon it. (‘Organization identity’ consists of mission, vision, values, culture and branding).