The Pursuit of Sustained Success with the Aid of Your Management System

Presenter: Robert Freeman, President, Practical Perspectives, Dallas, TX, USA

Keywords: ISO 9004:2018, Sustainability

Industry: Government, Manufacturing, Service

Level: Advanced


ISO 9004:2018 has shifted from being a consistent pair with ISO 9001 to a now stand-alone guidance document intended to support management’s desire to see their management system help the organization achieve sustained success. While an organization cannot get registered to it, ISO 9004:2018 Quality Management – Quality of an Organization – Guidance to Achieve Sustained Success can be, and a number of organizations have used ISO 9004 as, either a supplement to their existing quality management system or as the platform for the development and sustainment of a management system. Those that have used ISO 9004 as a standalone document, in both the public and private sectors, did so because of ISO 9004’s ability to help the organization stay focused on those aspects that are directly related to their core principles, activities and processes. During this session we will look at the application of ISO 9004:2018 both as a guidance document that can be used to further enhance a management system based on ISO 9001:2015 or as a stand-alone platform for an organization to use to create or enhance a management system in need of the structural components outlined in ISO 9004:2018. This includes guidance on understanding: how:

The interdependent and dynamic relationship between mission, vision, values and culture and the role they play in the sustained success of an organization;

• How to more effectively support the direction leadership is trying to take the organization to, through analysis of the interrelationships of the strategy, policy, objectives and the analysis of the organizational’s performance;

• How to develop, manage and balance the relationship between engaged, empowered, motivated and competent people and the processes and resources needed to capture organizational knowledge and achieve sustained success; and

• The ability How to stay out in front of improvement, learning and innovation and their ability to contribute to the sustained success of the organization.