Uncover, Translate, Balance, Measure, Deliver, and Satisfy the Voices of Customers

Presenter: Robin Lawton, Leadership Strategist, C3 Excellence, Inc., Sarasota, FL, USA

Keywords: Voice of the Customer, Customer Experience, Measuring Satisfaction

Industry: Government, Manufacturing, Service

Level: Intermediate


This jargon-free session is for the executive, change agent, innovation leader or Lean Six Sigma MBB impatient for raving fans. It will not advocate what many practitioners think you need such as another satisfaction survey jammed down customer throats. Furthermore, the business can do without complex and esoteric approaches such as QFD, which take forever to complete and a PhD to understand. Your challenge as a 21st century satisfaction leader is to transcend such tried-and-failed practices of the past.

Outstanding success is based on having an unambiguous way to avoid asking the wrong questions of the wrong people so you can drive improvement and design in high-ROI areas. This session shows you how to do that, applying a new VOC system of such unexpected simplicity, speed, common sense and powerful results that you’ll wonder why you didn’t implement such a process previously.

Attend this thought-leading, interactive and entertaining session by one of ASQ’s top-rated presenters and authors to leave with (a) application-friendly tools and (b) answers to essential questions including:

• How do you connect strategic core values related to customer focus with daily practice?

• What are the ten most common reasons surveys fail?

• What is the #1 customer priority that is rarely articulated?

• Who is “the customer” in every context? (It’s not who you think).

• What are the three (3) questions or “word formulas” that always reveal what customers want, even when they couldn’t otherwise tell you?

• Which customers should you satisfy first, especially when they compete?

• How do you measure squishy characteristics such as ease-of-use?

• How can you connect VOC to innovation and product/service design?

• What are the four (4) most important tools leaders and practitioners must use to achieve optimum satisfaction with high ROI?          

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