• WS1-Modernizing Your ISO 9001, QMS, and Audits

WS1-Modernizing Your ISO 9001, QMS, and Audits

Presenter: Lorri Hunt, President, Lorri Hunt & Associates, Inc., Kansas City, MO, USA

Keywords: Modern Technology ISO 9001

Industry: Manufacturing

Level: Intermediate


Today’s organization is focused on continual improvement. They identify needed improvements for their organization and implement them. They identify metrics and work to achieve them. Typically these improvements are focused around the processes that are most directly related to the product or service that the organization is providing. As part of the continual improvement, organizations will also frequently update their procedures to reflect the changes made to processes.

While improvements are being made to the processes of the organization to modernize technology being used, the ISO 9001 quality management system does not always benefit from the same level of scrutiny and improvement. The methods for how core ISO 9001 requirements such as management review, internal audits, and corrective action at times seem to exist in a time warp with minimal consideration of new techniques or technology.

This could be because organizations are reluctant to make change since they are comfortable with the approach that is in place. They might also be concerned that changes to their current approach might be perceived negatively by the organization’s certification body. While the certification body sees that the requirement is being met, the organization’s management team may be frustrated with processes that they feel are forced or “required by ISO” such as meetings they don’t feel are necessary or systems that appear to be antiquated.

It is important to remember that when the original ISO 9001 standard was published, many of the technology that is available did not exist. This includes the ability to retrieve and analyze data or record information electronically instead of manually. For example, management review in the 1990s might have taken and organization one to two months just to simply collect the data.

Without looking at innovative approaches to managing the quality management system, organizations are missing out on the opportunity to modernize and streamline the approach in which they implement and sustain the quality management system.

This workshop will review the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 clause-by-clause and discuss approaches to modernize the quality management system while still meeting the intent of the standard. It will use a combination of examples from the instructor and discussion from attendees to identify those best practices that can transition your quality management system to the future.

This workshop is focused on methods that implement ISO 9001:2015 using modern techniques. It is information that can be used by quality professionals that are just getting started or those that have a QMS that they are looking to improve.