• WS3- Internal Auditing of ISO 9001:2015 - How to Audit a Process-Based QMS


WS3- Internal Auditing of ISO 9001:2015 - How to Audit a Process-Based QMS

Presenter: Charles A, Cianfrani, CEO, Green Lane Quality Management Services LLC, Green Lane, PA, USA
Co-Presenter: John E. (Jack) West, Principle, John West Consulting, LLC, The Woodlands, TX, USA


Audit, Auditor, Audit Program, QMS, Value-Added Auditing





This workshop will cover the requirements for internal auditing as found in ISO 9001:2015, clause 9.2, Internal audit.

Internal quality audits are used to evaluate the adequacy of processes used to implement the quality management system, to evaluate if quality management system requirements are being met, and determine the effectiveness of system implementation. Audits can also be used to address organizational efficiency by identifying opportunities for improvement and best practices that can be deployed in other areas of an organization. These latter aspects are of increasing importance as auditors need to learn how to follow the value-stream flow to find opportunities for significant improvement in organizational performance as well as product and service quality.

The workshop will provide attendees with a detailed understanding of what is needed to establish a viable audit program and to conduct effective audits. Learning objectives for the workshop include understanding how to:

Design and implement an effective audit program

Perform internal audits of a QMS based on the process approach and ISO 9001:2015 requirements

Utilize the process mentality as it relates to auditing

Consider policy and objectives, processes, products, and organizational alignment

Prepare an audit plan

Conduct an audit

Document findings

Write an audit report

Ensure follow-up on corrective actions

This all-day workshop on auditing process-based quality management systems will be highly interactive and based on ISO 9001:2015.

Outline of the workshop:

Workshop Objectives


What is an Internal Audit?

How to Prepare for and Plan an Audit

How to Conduct an Audit

How to Report on an Audit

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