Writing Precise and Effective Nonconformity Statements

Presenter: Matthew Leiphart, Consultant, Cavendish Scott, Inc, Denver, CO, USA

Keywords: Nonconformity, Corrective Action, Audit Skills

Industry: Environmental Services, Manufacturing, Service

Level: Basic


Accurate, precise, complete, and concise nonconformity statements are of critical importance, and knowing how to write effective nonconformity statements is a critical auditing skill. Nonconformities are typically considered the most important output of an audit. More than just a statement of, “What’s not right,” nonconformities are the input to the corrective action system, which will take action to prevent recurrence of nonconformities. Just like any other process, “Garbage in, garbage out,” so it is important that nonconformities be written with precision and accuracy, or the corrective action system will not eliminate the nonconformance. This presentation will help auditors learn how to write effective nonconformities. It will also help auditees understand what a well-documented nonconformity contains, to help their corrective action system by keeping garbage out of the corrective action process.