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Continuous Improvement & Innovation Make Bridge Structures More Sustainable

Industry: Construction, Government

Keywords: Continuous Improvement; Innovation; Bridge Structures; Sustainable

Level: Intermediate

Faults and Earthquakes are fatal to the bridge structures in Taiwan area. The Freeway Bureau is responsible for the stability of the freeway system in Taiwan. Lots of bridges are important components in freeway system, and therefore it is important to make the bridges more sustainable, such as the designs to set up easier ways for construction, to provide more capacity to resist earthquakes, to introduce new construction material to save the planet, and also to make the maintenance more efficient.

This presentation therefore will show you the empirical examples of continuous improvement and innovation applications on bridge structures via the newly put-into-service Freeway No.4 early in January 2023. It will be arranged to demonstrate the following topics:

1. The application of the high-performance steel in the superstructure of a bridge

2. The application (perhaps the first time in the world) of the rapid repair mechanism in the bearing of a bridge when crossing a fault

3. The continuous improved installation of rectangular stirrups in a bridge pier

4. The application (perhaps the first time in the world) of the multi-spiral stirrups in a bridge pier.

The freeway bureau will continually contribute to the sustainability of the freeway system in Taiwan, the challenges will never stop, however. Facing the international terrorism, or the military threats from the mainland China across the Taiwan straits, the introduction of the concept of critical infrastructure protection into the freeway system in Taiwan is on its way. This freeway system will have to face the environmental challenge from the global climate change, and various studies on the strategies against climate change are proceeding under the instruction of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication here in Taiwan.


Yuchao Chang

Director, the Fourth Branch, the Second District Project Office, the Freeway Bureau, Taiwan, Taichung, Taiwan (Province of China)

Mr. Chang is an Engineering Officer and has been devoting his career to the realization of the Freeway System in Taiwan for over 25 years. Mr. Chang is specialized in construction management, and especially interested in quality management and related topics. Mr. Chang has been participating in many public construction projects and government procurements, including roads, bridges, tunnels, and airports.

Mr. Chang’s always believes that continuous improvement and innovation is the core of Deming’s management circle, and therefore keep the human society moving toward sustainability.

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