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Susan Samaroo

QHSES Lead - Americas, Vysus Group, Freeport, Trinidad and Tobago

Ms. Susan Samaroo is a seasoned QHSES professional. Ms. Samaroo is the QHSES Lead – Americas for Vysus Group.

Susan is a Chartered Quality Professional with CQI and a Principal QMS Auditor with IRCA. Susan excels in requirements interpretation and application, utilizing auditing best practices, and with access to new standards developments and industry auditing emphasis. Susan is an active member of CQI Caribbean Branch.

Susan has assessed and audited Quality Management Systems in a variety of operations such as: Oil & Gas, Refineries, Waste Management, Medicine, Consultancy services, Aviation, Manufacturing, and Food & Safety. She is known for creating and consistently influencing a project-wide culture of success that encourages continuous improvement whilst amalgamating Business Continuity Management (ISO 2230) and emergency contingency planning/ response to prevent and/ or mitigate reasonably foreseeable threats.

Susan is also skilled in the successful training, implementation, auditing, and certification of the ISO9000 Quality Management using Lean Six-Sigma Rapid Improvement Method and advanced process control techniques with knowledge of problem-solving tools and their correct application for corrective and preventive actions.

Susan has extensive knowledge in the reduction of operational risk, carrying out operational improvements that support cost reductions while minimizing risk. She has implemented lean, effective, and efficient ISO9001 ISO45001 SMS, and ISO 14001 EMS. Prior to this, she worked as an LRQA QMS Lead Assessor for the Caribbean.


Sustaining Success After Certification

The competitive environment in which businesses operate is complicated, demanding, and constantly changing.

There is no doubt that an organization's primary objective should be to maintain high-quality standards and sustain success. ISO 9001 and ISO 9004 were created as a “consistent pair” of standards so that businesses that wanted to exceed the requirements of 9001 could use the principles of 9004 to move toward business excellence.

An organization that chooses to embark on this journey towards sustained organizational success should adhere to the principles of the quality management system. Performance evaluation of an organization is a QM activity incorporated with the improvement of the business system. Self-assessment is a fact-based business performance improvement approach deployed in accordance with business requirements and preconditions.

A survey was conducted on 8 companies. The findings show that effective leadership is a crucial component of the effectiveness of QMS, boosting transformational leadership, which seems to be the most prevalent self-perceived style among the quality managers that took part. These professionals are aware of the challenges of involving all employees in the sustainability journey.

The organization must optimize all of its operations in order to achieve exceptional performance and long-term success; nevertheless, it is important to understand the relationships between process performance (or "enablers") and overall business results.

Although processes and results are evaluated independently, the criteria place a strong emphasis on their causal relationships. When a model serves its intended purpose and enables the organization to deliver top-notch service, organizations should attempt to integrate a framework with TQM standards.

The application of ISO 9004 standards and integrated standards is explained in this presentation and why it can be used to sustain success in a business.


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