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The World’s Leading Conference on ISO 9000 & Audits

Value Creation, a Role for Quality Professionals

Industry: All Industries

Keywords: Quality, Value, Value Creation, 8A's

Level: All Levels


Quality is becoming a maintenance job, and quality professionals can be redeployed as Value Creation experts and get companies to embrace value creation just as they embraced quality. This networking event shares how this can be done, and the advantages to both quality and value creation. The purpose of the Creating Value Alliance is to increase awareness of Value Creation and help you become value creators by sharing knowledge, ideas and networking with great value creators.


Gautam Mahajan

President, Customer Value Foundation, New Delhi, IN-DL, India

Gautam Mahajan is an internationally acclaimed expert in strategy, general management (including Customer Value) and globalization. He is President of Customer Value Foundation and Inter-Link an International Consulting Firm in operation since 1987, working with clients from America, Europe, Asia, Australia and India. Gautam is also the Founder Editor of the Journal of Creating Value, an international journal focused on Customer and Value Creation (see

He has also taught at IITs in India and abroad. Gautam Mahajan is the leading global thought leader in Total Customer Value Management. He worked for a Fortune 50 company in the USA for 17 years and ran one of the largest businesses. He has hands-on experience in consulting, educating of leaders, professionals, managers and CEOs from numerous MNCs and local conglomerates like Tata, Birlas, ITC, Alcoa, Reynolds, Sealed Air, DuPont and Godrej Groups.

In addition, he is the author of widely acclaimed books “Customer Value Investment: Formula for Sustained Business Success” and “Total Customer Value Management: Transforming Business Thinking.” and Creating Value for Leaders, and Customer Value Starvation

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