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Risk Management - What's in It for Me

Industry: Chemical, Healthcare, Manufacturing

Keywords: Risk Management, QMS, Process Control

Level: Intermediate

A central component of any successful and robust Quality Management System is a well-defined and implemented Risk Management System. In order to successfully generate an excellent process/product, risk must be understood and controlled. Risk Management Systems are well documented on how to identify and control system risk. What is not so well defined is how to successfully implement a program within an organization. It is important to know what is regulatorily required, but it is also important to understand how a robust risk system will benefit an organization. It is equally important to define “What’s in it for me”.

This presentation will present what experiences have led to successful implementation based on providing an organization with the knowledge of what the true benefit of risk management can be.


Richard Davis

Consultant, RHD, San Diego, CA, USA

Rich has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and has worked industrially in R&D; Technical Support; Quality Control/ Quality Assurance; Quality Engineering; supplier management and Regulatory Affairs. He has been a Director of Quality and Regulatory at several Diagnostics Companies dealing with chemistry/biological chemicals and testing equipment. For the last several years, his attention has been directed at auditing suppliers, auditing, teaching and document preparation.

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