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Are you a J.E.D.I? Advancing Responsible Use of AI in the Universe

Level: All Levels

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, AI, ML, Machine Learning, Ethics, Equity, Responsible use, inclusion

Industry: All Industries

In 1950, science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov wrote a series of short stories that imagined the development of “positronic” robots with artificial intelligence.

The explosion of the everyday use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed life as we know in society, so much so that we cannot image our lives without it. Yet in Asimov’s stories, humanity wrestled with the moral implications of that technology. In today, we face those same struggles.

As analysts, developers and architects, we have a professional obligation to ensure that solutions we develop, especially those involving AI and Machine Learning, promote benefits to society and do not cause harm. Just like the Jedi guarding the Stars Wars universe, we should be guided by justice and equity in the pursuit of knowledge and extending capabilities through responsible AI use and application.

In this session we will explore impacts of AI citing cases and statistics, contrast the responsible approaches to AI, and encourage holding ourselves and our organizations accountable for a responsible AI culture.


A Business Analyst: Your Secret Double Agent in the Secure Development Lifecycle

Industry: Software/IT

Keywords: Business analyst, Secure Software, Secure Development, Business Analysis

Level: Intermediate


In the world of Agile development and delivery, the need for speed to market is very real. Augment that with use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and you have a recipe for infinite creative possibilities. However, bad product ideas, poor design, and missed requirements can still cause products and services to fall flat and miss the mark on financial performance expectations in the market. User functionality is the first area to think of, yet compliance requirements can rival a close second because delivery teams often fail to “shift left” and build security, privacy, and quality into those products and services.

Do you hear “For now, we need to launch. We’ll fix that in our post-production release.” Does the scenario of “bolting on” rather than “building in” come to mind? Do your delivery teams suffer from the speed demon ailment? Did our quality standards fail us, or was it perhaps our lack of understanding around them? The answer may reside in the roles. Agile teams tend to prefer developers as they have the prized skillsets. Yet the dynamic duo of the Business Analyst and Quality Analyst gets overlooked when in actuality they are key contributors. The Security and Compliance departments know this to be true.

Join Joy Toney, CISSP/CBAP/CST, on a “shift left” journey to engage and empower your Business Analysis and Quality Assurance team members throughout the secure software development lifecycle to be the gentle enforcers of secure coding practices and optimize your go-to-market performance and compliance.


Joy Toney

Sr. Consultant, AIM for Change LLC., Memphis, TN, USA

Joy Toney serves as a Senior Program Consultant for AIM for Change, LLC. Joy’s career successes are mapped over 20+ years professional experience in non-profit, consumer services, government contracting, and transportation and distribution. Her work experience spectrum includes both people leader and individual contributor roles at ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Accredo Health, FedEx Express, Johnson & Johnson, and CAS Incorporated.

Joy enjoys utilizing her skills in process and performance improvement, software development, information security, quality assurance, project management, talent management, organizational change management, and justice/equity/diversity/inclusion awareness. She is a CISSP, CCA, CBAP, CST, CSM, CSPO, ITIL4, a Prosci Change Management certified, and a SHRM Inclusive Workplace Culture specialty credential holder.

She is an active member of the SHRM-Memphis chapter as well as a member of ForbesBLK, a platform championing systematic change in business, culture and society. Joy has served as an advisor to local non-profit boards such as OUTMemphis, the International Institute of Business Analysis – Greater Memphis Chapter, and the PMI Memphis Chapter (Project Management Institute).

She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration in Accounting and Management Information Systems, Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems. She is in the process of wrapping up her second Masters in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance.

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