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The New IA9100 Aerospace Standard: Preparing for Takeoff 

Industry: Aviation/Space

Keywords: QMS; Quality Management System; 9100; 9100 Series; 9110; 9120; IA9100; AS9100

Level: Intermediate


Co-Speaker: Yes

The new Quality Management System (QMS) series of standards produced by Aviation, Space, and Defense (ASD) is nearing ballot. The IA9100-series of standards consists of IA9100 QMS, IA9110 QMS Maintenance, IA9120 QMS Distributors are replacing the existing AS9100-series standards. This session will highlight some new and innovative QMS concepts, include the IA9100 review process and revision changes that will drive QMS improvements in any industry, and the timeline for release of the new IA9100 concepts.

The second area of discussion will include IAQG improvement standards and new Aerospace Improvement Maturity Model (AIMM) that is designed to help drive QMS improvement. AIMM is designed to help any organization improve as little as a single targeted process area to spanning across the entire QMS in order to more effectively meet product and service customer expectations, quality excellence and on-time, delivery The Aviation, Space & Defense (ASD) QMS standard, IA9100 has completed its 5-year review and is entering the ballot process.

This session will include material on International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) and the standards they publish, the IA9100-series standards development process, new innovative IA9100 requirements, and Aerospace Improvement Maturity Model (AIMM) model to drive improvements.

1. The presentation will start with an overview of IAQG that consists of major international aviation, space, and defense organizations. The IAQG publishes 26 standards that are intended to drive common processes and improvement through the industry, development, and communication of best practices in the Supply Chain Management Handbook, and Relationship Growth to understand stakeholder needs and expectations.

2.The 5-year review process will be explained that identified improvements in the new IA9100-series requirements. The presentation will introduce new concepts and changes to the standard with an explanation of what is driving the change. This will enable attendees to consider the impacts of new IA9100 requirements on their business, whether they are in the ASD industry or not.

3.The IAQG developed a maturity model based on ISO 9001 and AS9100 expected outputs. This free copyrighted resource can help organizations perform a targeted assessment for a certain process problem area or across their entire QMS. Often QMS processes are either viewed as conforming or non-conforming. The AIMM allows the user to examine potential higher levels of maturity.

The summary will provide a wrap-up on the changes with techniques to ensure the QMS is effective in meeting customer expectations including reference resources for successful implementation.


Alan W. Daniels

Quality Senior Management, The Boeing Company, Lake Stevens, WA, USA

Alan Daniels currently works as a Quality Superintendent for Boeing Commercial Airplanes in the Regulatory and Quality Systems Oversight (RQSO) organization. In this position he manages the Boeing Enterprise Quality Management System (QMS) requirements, strategy, integration and industry standards management, as well as leading the Boeing Commercial Airplanes Safety Management System (SMS) Safety Assurance. In addition, he leads the (AS) 9100:2016 QMS standard training and transition activities within the Boeing Company and in support of all aviation, space and defense companies globally. International standards activities include:

    • Leader/Chair - 9100 Series Team (AS/EN/SJAC) IAQG Document Representative (IDR)
    • Leader/Chair – “Requirements Strategy Stream” (27 Quality Standards) – International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG)
    • Vice President – Americas Aerospace Quality Group (AAQG)
    • Chair – ISO Technical Committee 176 Sub-committee 01 “Concepts and Terminology”
    • Chair – US ISO Technical Advisory Group (TAG) 176
    • Board – ISO Joint Technical Coordination Group (JTCG)
    • IAQG ISO TC 176 Liaison for the AS&D Industry - ISO Technical Committee 176 “Quality Management”
    • Board of Directors – American National Accreditation Board (ANAB)
    • Board of Directors – Perry Johnson Registrars (PJR) Mr. Daniels is one of the world’s foremost process management and quality management systems experts for ISO 9001 and 9100:2016.

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