Dr. Isaac Sheps

Former Senior VP Eastern Europe, Carlsberg Group, Standards Institution of Israel, Ramat Hasharon, Israel

Dr. Isaac Sheps - Chair, Israeli Standard Institute Central Committee for MS Standards, Israel and Convenor of ISO/TC176/SC/WG25 for the revision of ISO 9004

Dr. Isaac Sheps was educated in industrial engineering and management; holds an MBA degree and PhD in economics. Isaac started his career in the brewing industry in 1998 and until he retired in 2016 he hold the positions of : President and CEO of United Romanian Breweries (Tuborg Romania). Chairman of the Board of Directors for Carlsberg business in Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia. CEO of Carlsberg Serbia. CEO Carlsberg South East Europe, being in charge of 7 countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro). CEO Carlsberg UK. President of Baltika Breweries and member of Carlsberg Group ExCom as Senior Vice President Eastern Europe covering all former soviet union countries. Prior to joining Carlsberg, Dr. Sheps held senior management positions in the electronic and electro-optic industries (in Israel), including board membership in two daughter companies in USA and Chairman of the board of a company in Israel, in the electro – optic industry. Prior to his civilian positions Dr. Sheps served in the Israel Air Force for 15 years as an officer reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Dr. Isaac Sheps is a recognized quality management expert. For the last 23 years he has been a member of the international committee ISO/TC176, responsible for developing the ISO 9000 family of standards. In 2015 was nominated as Convener of SC2/WG25 responsible for the revision of ISO 9004 standard. Professionally engaged in quality management for over 30 years, he has integrated quality management systems in many companies and is the author of PhD thesis and several papers on quality and productivity management. As of 1st of Sep. 2016 Dr. Isaac Sheps is the chair of Israeli Standard Institute central public committee for MSS standards.

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